Silhouette Cameo Premium Vinyl : How-To & Product Review

Good Morning!

I am back with a quick review and an easy tutorial on the Silhouette Premium Vinyl from Silhouette.

Silhouette’s Vinyl comes in two different sizes; Premium (9″ x 10″)and Standard (12″x6″).

It comes in 14 different colors, plus chalkboard, frosted glass, gold and silver. Two of the specialty versions, i.e. frosted glass and chalkboard, come in shorter rolls as compared to the other standard colors. These vinyls are manufactured for indoor and outdoor use and is said to be easily removable from most smooth surfaces, which I found to be true while working with it. I must say it turned out to be extremely easy to work with.

So, Pretty Paper Studio sent me some Frosted Glass Vinyl (which comes in only 9″ width and 4 feet long) to try out and I LOVE it!! Trust me, when I tell you this, that you will never need etching creams once you lay your hands on this particular Vinyl roll. It is just a perfect and a non-messy way to fancy up your glass ware. Plus, if you do end up making an error, you can scrape it a bit and peel it off without ruining your glassware.

So, let us just jump on to our tutorial.

Step 1.

Take a glassware that you want to spruce up. I have here, one of my candle holder from a set of three.


Step 2. Select a design you want to dress your glassware with. I chose this quatrefoil lattice background from the Silhouette Online Store.


Step 3: I cut the vinyl at 12″ length to fit my cutting mat.


Note: You can cut your vinyl directly without placing it on the cutting mat but make sure you press ‘Enter Media’ when you feed your vinyl inside the machine.  I chose to use the mat. Also, you can feed the entire 4 feet vinyl directly into your Cameo without chopping down the size if you plan to make a bigger project. All you need to do is adjust the length and width of your page on the software and continue

IMG_83421.jpg1 (1)
Step 4: Adjust your settings on your Silhouette Studio. This quatrefoil design file comes in two sizes; 12×12″ and 11×8″. I chose the latter and adjusted the size furthermore to fit the size of my vinyl.


As soon as you select Vinyl under medium, it will automatically adjust the speed to 8 and thickness to 9. This works perfectly for the vinyl I am using here. Now, hit the CUT button.

Step 5. Unload the mat and you will have something that looks like this.


Step 6: Once you take your Vinyl off the cutting mat, peel off the vinyl that you do not need for your project. I initially wanted only the outline for my project but I later changed and decided to use the shapes instead.

Now, you might need a transfer paper to transfer the image on to your glass but here I just went about individually sticking each shape by hand.



In the end you will have something like this!


I went ahead and did the same for all the three candle stand from the set and this is the final product! Honestly, I can’t imagine how lovely these turned out for my first ever Vinyl project. I am sure I will get better as I work with them more.



 I am loving it!! What do you guys think?

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DIY Decoupage Tag – Tutorial

Good Morning, crafters!

Yes, its time for another fun tutorial! 🙂 This tutorial is a part of PPS’s Tutorial Mondays! Do stay tuned to the PPS blog as this month on we’ll have a lot of new and fun projects coming up with not one.. not two.. but three new designers joining the team!!

So getting on to my project.. I had bought a decoupage medium from an art store not very long ago.. and have been wanting to give it a go! If you wanna know how I used it.. do scroll down and check the tutorial out.. 🙂


How pretty is my cute little LOVE tag?!

Now.. lets get started with the tutorial


I used the Inkssentials Surfaces Manila Craft Tag for this project. This particular one in the size #8.


And I’ve used this MME stamp set from Miss Caroline Story collection for this tag. How pretty is this stamp set?!!


I used my new stamp pad for this project.. the Hero Arts Shadow Ink in Butter Bar mid-tone. I think this color really compliments the soft color of the tag.


I stamped the flower on to the bottom of the tag overlapping each other using the masking technique. What I did was, I stamped the image onto a masking tape.. cut out the shape.. and then placed it on an already stamped flower…  Later.. I went ahead and stamped another flower overlapping it.. Its one of my favorite techniques!


I then fuzzy cut the bottom of the tag..


I also randomly stamped little flowers on the tag, from the same stamp set.

Now.. lets get on to the FUN part! 🙂


I used the Daler and Rowney decoupage medium and some yellow wool felt to create a rough and glossy texture to the tag. This particular medium dries glossy which gives the tag a very pretty finish.


(sorry for the messy hands!! :P)

I first brushed enough decoupage medium on to the tag and then randomly spread and placed the wool felt on top.. Later I put another coat of the medium on top of the wool. Since the Inkssentials Surfaces Manila Craft Tag is pretty tough and heavyweight it stands up to all wet techniques and does not leave behind bubbles.. which is why I just love this craft tag! 🙂

Give it enough time to dry.. I used my heat tool to help the medium dry quick.


I stamped the same flowers and fussy cut them to give my card a three dimensional effect.


Howzzat look?? 🙂 Am liking it so far..


The swirls again are from the same stamp set that I stamped and fussy cut.


Add some pearls and a sentiment.. and there you go.. my tag is ready!

Easy peasy, eh! 🙂

I hope you like this fun tutorial.. if you do then do drop in some love in the comments below.

Until next time..



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DIY: Paper Cube Calendar

Sometimes you just got to make something, you know.

And, I wanted that something to have some of my favorite things on it and yet be very useful for me around the house..

  • Blue – Check
  • Glitter – Check
  • Washi Tape – Check
  • Usage – All around the year! Hell yeah!


How cute is that?! It also turned out to be a good spot of my little white antler to rest.. 🙂

It is pretty simple to make. All you gotta need is a template.

cube template

Image Source: Happy Mum

I also have a quick photo tutorial..

I printed out the template.. cut and scored!


Stuck all the corners using strong adhesive


I used my favorite decorative tape… which you can see is almost over.. 🙁


Of course it HAD to have some glitter.. So I cute some glitter paper and stuck them on it.


The number were hand written and cut.. with some free hand pattern on it..


I also made a matching base for it and Voila! there you go.. a DIY paper Calendar with the twist!



Much love,

– Shruti


DIY Day planner

Heya people..

This is one blog post I have been planning for so many days now.. I’ve been procrastinating on making a planner for months which I finally managed to start and complete in the last two weeks. This planner took me forever to make!! But trust me.. it is by far the best or rather the most useful project I’ve ever completed. Its been high time since I got my life a bit organized.. and I think this planner is going help me enhance and make the most of every day in my life.

I already started using the planner and I must say.. its so much FUN! Infact, I look forward to my planner every day.. I never thought an organized life would be so much fun! It not only helps me organize my household, but also my finances and my blog too!

There are many ways to make a planner. There are so many websites online wherein you can find free printable planner pages. Just google for “household printables” or “printable organizer.” and you’ll have so many templates to choose from, But I decided to make my planner fully handmade.

I’ve used My Mind’s Eye Howdy Doody 6×6 pattern papers and many other embellishments from PPS.. which I will talk about as we go on a little tour of my creation..


Now, lets get on to the planner.


For the cover of the planner I used an 8×8 thick cardboard binder I got from Centerpoint for as cheap as 5 dirhams! I was very clear I wanted a small planner.. something that I can carry around in my bag, if I wanted. I covered it with a wrapping paper a friend got for me from Lush. The woodgrain alphas are my favorite from the Amy Tangerines Sketchbook collection!!


I labeled the dividers with sections that will be included in the planner, and put them in the binder. I placed sections that will be used most in the front of the binder. My planner includes:

  • Household
  • Finance
  • Art and Craft Projects/Blog
  • Sketch Ideas
  • Calendar
  • Wish list
  • Kitchen
  • Recipes


That’s the first page of my planner.. which I thought was really APT!! hehe.. Its from the Dear Lizzy Neapolitan collection. I also added a transparency on it to add in more detail..


The first tab is the household and cleanliness stuff. Of late I have got a bit obsessed with cleaning which is why this section of my planner is going to be really helpful for me. I hand doodled the little bucket and sponge.. You’ll find a lot of doodling in this planner.. *winks*.  The green sparking alphas are from the Dear Lizzy Neapolitan collection.


It has a list of my fixed daily, weekly and monthly household activities.. stuff that I have to get done every day, every week and every month. I laminated each page with plastic sheets myself so that I can cross off each activity once done with a pen and later wipe it out!


And since I am always in need of a note pad, I added lots and lots of note paper to this planner. I stamped each blank page to make it prettier to write on!

My second tab is serious stuff: Finance This is where I jot down important bank information, daily expenses etc.


I thought it’d also be a good idea of create some pockets for my planner. Somewhere to store bills that I might later need to jot down into my daily expenses or if I had to exchange the stuff I bought, etc..


I also have little quotes I like written and put into this planner in between tabs.


How cool are those transparency borders?!!


This is definitely one of my favorites sections from the planner – The Art and Craft space.


I plan to jot down blog ideas, new project plans, doodle layouts and other fun stuff in this space. And yes.. that butterfly there is hand drawn! *winks*


Now, what’s a planner without a calendar? I put each month on a different colored cardstock to make it all fun!


Another fun part of my planner is this wishlist section!


And last but definitely not the least is the kitchen tabIMG_4137

Here I have a section for meal planning, a space to jot down my favorite recipes and also a pocket to store cut outs of recipes from magazines and stuff.


I also made two little pouch to hold my little notepad and a pen.


That’s it for now. I have room left to add categories if needed.

I just love using my planner!! Love love love it!!! Hopefully this project will inspire you to get organized yourself and maybe even make your own planner. Lemme know if you do land up making one..

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All the best!

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