Moms don’t get sick days..

Sniffle sniffle..

The past couple of weeks have not been great for me. I got a flu a week ago and it lead to infection in my ears. It eventually lead to a bad swelling in both my ears and I have now ended up being partially deaf. I am not even kidding when I say ‘DEAF’. I mean it!! It is pathetic! To add to the misery my ENT informed yesterday that it would take a good whole month for my ears to get back to its normal self!!!

So, I have been home bound for the last few weeks. The only few times I do step out of home is for my ENT appointments or to take baby K for her evening walks.

It was during this time that one of my mommy friend on Instagram posted this image.


I usually do not fall sick very often and I pray I never do. So, these are one of those rare times. So when I saw this image it got me thinking.

Being a Stay-at-home-mom I never get off days. I’ve realized, as moms we are often the last to be taken care of. When Nupie falls sick he calls up work and takes the day off to rest (which he very well deserves, I agree.) and has me to tend to him. Same goes with baby K. But what about us moms? It is just another day for us. We are so busy taking care of our loved ones and our home that we tend to overlook our illness. This thought just made me realize that we actually are the stronger sex!! At times I do not understand how and from where I get this ‘superhumaness’ in me especially when I am unwell! I guess, that is what takes to me a mother.

But yes, thank God for weekends and for having a partner like Nupie. He does make sure he eases it for me as much as he can once he is back home. I cannot thank him enough for that.

I just really hope I get better asap and get out of this pathetic state. I hate being sick!

Anyway, the good that has happened from all this is that due to all the ear pain, I have not been able to sleep which ultimately lead to finishing up a lot of pending art and craft projects.

I had started off with this Birthday card almost a month ago and just got around last week to complete it.


How cute is this Whimsy Birthday baby Girl stamp?


I’ve used Copics to color the stamped image.


Here is the inside of the card. This sentiment was written using the Silhouette Sketch Markers.

Thanks all for today!





Simple Birthday cards..

Heya friends!

I hope you guys had a great weekend! Its sure was an eventful weekend for us!! I am now officially an Aunt! *winks* Thanks to Sneha! I can’t wait to go to Pune and meet our little nephew!! He sure looks like a teeny weeny angel.. Which is also why I may have a lot of baby projects coming in the next few months.. So, watchout for that!

Today I have some really simple birthday cards to show you guys.. these cards are mostly made for kids.. with fun little elements like pinwheels, balloons, lots of stickers etc!

Happy Birthday

This was made for a card-making class featured by Pretty Paper Studio last month! A very easy card to make for kids! The fanfold to make the curtains, stamped pinwheels and balloons make it really fun to work with for kids!


How cute is the pinwheel? Its from the Pebbles Happy Birthday Stamp Set.


On to the second card!


Yet another simple card. I’ve used loads of stickers on this one from the Dear Lizzy Neapolitan Remarks Stickers.


Doesn’t it remind you of spring?


Yes.. by now you’ve realized I am a big fan of CAS cards!! The flower stickers are again from the Dear Lizzy Neapolitan Remarks Sticker pack.


I used the masking tape to mask the center portion of the card and later stamped around the corners of the card with a flower stamp! Simple!


You guys must have seen the Princess Dress card I made last month! This one is another version of the same with a twist. The dress in hand drawn and cut.


Ever since I bought that cute little hanger I knew I had to use it to make a dress card! Pretty, isn’t it?

I hope you guys liked the cards I made. 🙂

Promise to be back soon with more fun projects!

– Shruti