Easy DIY Vellum Flower Party Lights | Tutorial

vellum-party-lights-11I’ve seen some really pretty vellum flower party lights in Gifts and Craft shops here in Dubai and they’ve always caught my fancy. It is only when I made one myself did I realize how easy it was to put one together.

So let us get on with it.!

To begin with, you need some wire lights. I went for these really thin ones I got from a craft shop. you could use any type.vellum-party-lights-2Apart from that you need some Vellum, a ball tool to make flowers, Crop-a-dile and some glue.  That is it!! Can you believe it?

Start off by cutting out some flowers in four different sizes. I used my Silhouette Cameo. You could use flower punches in 4 different sizes or simply cut using scissors.vellum-party-lights-3Use a ball stylus tool to gently mold and form a cup shape to each petal. If you don’t have one, you can use the rounded back of a paintbrush.vellum-party-lights-4Glue them together. I used the Glossy accent so that it dries clear and it does not see though the vellum when lit up.

Easy DIY flower Party lights using Vellum

Now push the front end of the bulb though the punched hole. In this case, the size of the hole was perfect for bulbs to sit in snugly.vellum-party-lights-6Finish up by covering all the bulbs with the vellum flower.vellum-party-lights-7Voila! You are done! How easy was that?!IMG_0798It looks so pretty even in the daylight that it works as a great home decor accessory.vellum-party-lights-8I urge you to try it out! I am sure you will love it!!

Tell me if you have ever tried one of these yourself. If yes, then I would love it see it. Share it with me on my Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account.

That is all from me today.


– Shruti


Silhouette Cameo

Wire Lights


We are Memory Keeper Crop-a-dile

Ranger Inkessentials – Glossy Accent

Flower making Ball tool


Home Improvement # 5: DIY Altered Frame Key Hanger


Finally, February.. my favorite month of the year is here. 🙂

I am here to share my inspiration for PPS February Challenge.

I made a Fame Key Hanger using some of my new Washis. I had seen a lot of pretty key holders on Pinterest and had always wanted to try making one of my own for my home. They are so much more prettier than the regular Key Hangers you get to buy from the market.

Its so simple to make.. and I insist all you guys to try one out yourself too. 🙂

I used two matching black and white Washis to wind them around the inner frame.. Don’t they make a lovely pattern together??

I then stuck some flowers cut out using my brand NEW Silhouette Cameo!! 😀 The house shaped chipboard is from the Dear Lizzy 5Th & Frolic collection.

I then used a grey cardstock for the background and topped them with the Pink Paislee Portfolio Alphabet Stickers and Dear Lizzy glitter thickers.

Now stick the inner frame with the grey cardstock..

and Voila! there you go! Your frame is ready. Now drill two or as many hooks as you want to the frame..

How cute is that?! 🙂

I hope this inspires you make one yourself..

Oh.. and did you notice our cute matching key chains! 🙂


Until next time..


– Shruti


Home Improvement #4 – Frame wall Update!

I’d been tied up with so many craft/art assignments that I’d not been getting enough time for my home décor stuff. So, the other day I sat down to finally work towards filling up frame wall. For those who had missed out on my previous Frame Wall post.. check it out HERE.

Wherever I go these days keep an eye open for beautiful white frames with detailing on them. By far I have collected at least 8-10 of really pretty frames to fill my wall up!! What I need to do now is to sit down and work on them which is also one of my goals for 2013.

Anyhoo.. nuff said! Lets get on to the frame I made.. which I must say am in LOVE with!! 🙂


How pretty is that?!!! The frame is from Ikea.


What I love most about this is the detailing in the bottom of the frame..


The quote is handwritten and the flowers are readymade ones I bought from Naif Souq and stuck them together using a hot glue gun!


Now on to how it looks on my wall.. 🙂


I used a double sided tape to stick it on to my wall..



So, what do you think? Do lemme know..

Until next time!




Home Improvement #1: A Painting

Ever since we’ve moved into this new house, I have jotted down some ga-zillion plans on ways to beautify our home. I just can’t get enough of all these home decor blogs. I find them ridiculously inspiring and they make me want to do so much more to my own home! I go crazy and waste all my time ogling at the brilliant inspirations out there on Pinterest and other sites.. which is why Anup calls me a dreamer. He’s heard me talk about all the different ideas I have in my head to deck up our little home but has never seen me work towards it. So I have finally decided to get into action and not procrastinate anymore.

From today on, you will see a little “Home Improvement” series going on at my blog on and off! My plan is to set off to to fulfill atleast one or two missions a month. How does that sound?! 🙂 I am going to do this!!

There is this painting that I have been trying to complete for almost a month and now that it finally done (phew!) I couldn’t wait to hang it up and share it with you guys!

This is the first time I’ve worked on such a large sized canvas, and I must admit though it was a bit scary in the beginning I had super fun completing it. 🙂


I have chosen shades of blue, white and brown for the painting as that is the color theme I have chosen for my living room.. and the painting matches my curtains just perfect! : ) I chose to make something really simple as I am no artist to make anything complicated.. khehehe

This is how my living room looked like without my work of art.. Winking smile


From Oh! So plain and boring..


to total SUPPAK! Winking smile lol


I dunno why, now that I have it up on my wall the canvas looks smaller than I expected! Though, Anup thinks it looks just perfect..

So yeah.. that’s the first from my “Home Improvement” series! I hope you guys liked it and did get inspired to paint something of your own for you home. I mean, you needn’t be an artist to make a simple painting as I did. What’s more, you get the satisfaction of making something and showcasing it on your wall for you and your guests to admire.

Thank you so much for dropping by!

– Shruti