Easy DIY Vellum Flower Party Lights | Tutorial

vellum-party-lights-11I’ve seen some really pretty vellum flower party lights in Gifts and Craft shops here in Dubai and they’ve always caught my fancy. It is only when I made one myself did I realize how easy it was to put one together.

So let us get on with it.!

To begin with, you need some wire lights. I went for these really thin ones I got from a craft shop. you could use any type.vellum-party-lights-2Apart from that you need some Vellum, a ball tool to make flowers, Crop-a-dile and some glue.  That is it!! Can you believe it?

Start off by cutting out some flowers in four different sizes. I used my Silhouette Cameo. You could use flower punches in 4 different sizes or simply cut using scissors.vellum-party-lights-3Use a ball stylus tool to gently mold and form a cup shape to each petal. If you don’t have one, you can use the rounded back of a paintbrush.vellum-party-lights-4Glue them together. I used the Glossy accent so that it dries clear and it does not see though the vellum when lit up.

Easy DIY flower Party lights using Vellum

Now push the front end of the bulb though the punched hole. In this case, the size of the hole was perfect for bulbs to sit in snugly.vellum-party-lights-6Finish up by covering all the bulbs with the vellum flower.vellum-party-lights-7Voila! You are done! How easy was that?!IMG_0798It looks so pretty even in the daylight that it works as a great home decor accessory.vellum-party-lights-8I urge you to try it out! I am sure you will love it!!

Tell me if you have ever tried one of these yourself. If yes, then I would love it see it. Share it with me on my Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account.

That is all from me today.


– Shruti


Silhouette Cameo

Wire Lights


We are Memory Keeper Crop-a-dile

Ranger Inkessentials – Glossy Accent

Flower making Ball tool


Silhouette Cameo Premium Vinyl : How-To & Product Review

Good Morning!

I am back with a quick review and an easy tutorial on the Silhouette Premium Vinyl from Silhouette.

Silhouette’s Vinyl comes in two different sizes; Premium (9″ x 10″)and Standard (12″x6″).

It comes in 14 different colors, plus chalkboard, frosted glass, gold and silver. Two of the specialty versions, i.e. frosted glass and chalkboard, come in shorter rolls as compared to the other standard colors. These vinyls are manufactured for indoor and outdoor use and is said to be easily removable from most smooth surfaces, which I found to be true while working with it. I must say it turned out to be extremely easy to work with.

So, Pretty Paper Studio sent me some Frosted Glass Vinyl (which comes in only 9″ width and 4 feet long) to try out and I LOVE it!! Trust me, when I tell you this, that you will never need etching creams once you lay your hands on this particular Vinyl roll. It is just a perfect and a non-messy way to fancy up your glass ware. Plus, if you do end up making an error, you can scrape it a bit and peel it off without ruining your glassware.

So, let us just jump on to our tutorial.

Step 1.

Take a glassware that you want to spruce up. I have here, one of my candle holder from a set of three.


Step 2. Select a design you want to dress your glassware with. I chose this quatrefoil lattice background from the Silhouette Online Store.


Step 3: I cut the vinyl at 12″ length to fit my cutting mat.


Note: You can cut your vinyl directly without placing it on the cutting mat but make sure you press ‘Enter Media’ when you feed your vinyl inside the machine.  I chose to use the mat. Also, you can feed the entire 4 feet vinyl directly into your Cameo without chopping down the size if you plan to make a bigger project. All you need to do is adjust the length and width of your page on the software and continue

IMG_83421.jpg1 (1)
Step 4: Adjust your settings on your Silhouette Studio. This quatrefoil design file comes in two sizes; 12×12″ and 11×8″. I chose the latter and adjusted the size furthermore to fit the size of my vinyl.


As soon as you select Vinyl under medium, it will automatically adjust the speed to 8 and thickness to 9. This works perfectly for the vinyl I am using here. Now, hit the CUT button.

Step 5. Unload the mat and you will have something that looks like this.


Step 6: Once you take your Vinyl off the cutting mat, peel off the vinyl that you do not need for your project. I initially wanted only the outline for my project but I later changed and decided to use the shapes instead.

Now, you might need a transfer paper to transfer the image on to your glass but here I just went about individually sticking each shape by hand.



In the end you will have something like this!


I went ahead and did the same for all the three candle stand from the set and this is the final product! Honestly, I can’t imagine how lovely these turned out for my first ever Vinyl project. I am sure I will get better as I work with them more.



 I am loving it!! What do you guys think?

Supplies used:




Home Improvement #4 – Frame wall Update!

I’d been tied up with so many craft/art assignments that I’d not been getting enough time for my home décor stuff. So, the other day I sat down to finally work towards filling up frame wall. For those who had missed out on my previous Frame Wall post.. check it out HERE.

Wherever I go these days keep an eye open for beautiful white frames with detailing on them. By far I have collected at least 8-10 of really pretty frames to fill my wall up!! What I need to do now is to sit down and work on them which is also one of my goals for 2013.

Anyhoo.. nuff said! Lets get on to the frame I made.. which I must say am in LOVE with!! 🙂


How pretty is that?!!! The frame is from Ikea.


What I love most about this is the detailing in the bottom of the frame..


The quote is handwritten and the flowers are readymade ones I bought from Naif Souq and stuck them together using a hot glue gun!


Now on to how it looks on my wall.. 🙂


I used a double sided tape to stick it on to my wall..



So, what do you think? Do lemme know..

Until next time!




Home Improvement #3 – Live well, Laugh much, Love enough..

Heya crafters!

This is Shruti here and I am going to share with you my inspiration for PPS’s November Challenge – Use punches and Die cuts in your projects.

This is my first attempt at making an altered frame. Infact, I made not one but three such frames. I love words, texts, quotes and some of my favorite poems framed and hung on the walls of my home… so that I can look at them everyday and get inspired. If I could, I would want to fill every wall of my house with such quotes.. 🙂

You can ether get them printed and framed or do what i did.. add your personal touch and jazz it up..

So, I decided to go for a very simple yet very positive set of words for my living room.. I believe one word quotes are more powerful and effective to motivate and inspire you..

My first frame says.. “Live well”! The best part of the frame are the three Pink Paislee Artisan Resistable Butterflies. They are mistables and look gorgeous when misted. But I wanted to use them naked here. How cute are they?!!

The letters were hand written on a white foam and then hand cut.. later I went ahead and colored it with Jenni Bowlin Lemon Drops Paint Dabber. The blue diagonal stripes on the corners of the inside of the frame is MME’s The Sweetest Thing Reasons Why Decorative Tape.

If you look closely you can see that I’ve sprayed some Blue Skies Glimmer Mist through a Crafters’ Workshop 6×6″ Brick Template. Right now its one of my  favorite stencils.. They actually look best when used with Gesso! I’ve also used Rangers Baby Blue Stickles around the pattern paper.. In person they look even more sparkly!! I just love it.. I think it adds that special something to your projects.. 🙂

The flowers are a mix of die cuts, punched flowers and stickers.

I wanted to maintain some consistency in all the three frames so I made the inside corners of all the frames some what similar to each other.

This one is my favorite from all the three mostly cause this one is the most sparkly from the rest.. If you look closely you can see I’ve dipped the corners of the pattern papers in pink glitter..

The Hydrangeas were punched using Martha Stewart Medium 3 in 1 Hydrangea Punch and stuck together. Pretty, aren’t they?!

Now to see how they look on my walls?!

Lets have a before and after again..

Before: Plain and boring..


After: Open-mouthed smile


The Scotch’s Double sided strong adhesive blocks are the best if you do not want to nail down your frames. These frames were light weight ones that I bought from Ikea. I plan to have more frames on this wall and and build a story.. hmmm.. I already have some ideas.. will surely share with you’ll once I am done executing them..

So, which of these three frames did you like the best?! Do let me know in the comments below.. 🙂

Supplies used:

Dear Lizzy 5th and Frolic 6×6″ Paper Pad

Martha Stewart Punches Medium 3 in 1 Hydrangea

Martha Stewart Punches Medium Hydrangea

Martha Stewart Tools Simple Circle Cutter

My Mind’s Eye The Sweetest Thing Reasons Why Decorative Tape

Crafters Workshop Scrapbooking Template 6×6 Bricks

Dear Lizzy 5Th & Frolic Chipboard Shapes

Pink Paislee Artisan Resistable Butterflies

Tattered Angel Glimmer Mist 2oz Blue Skies

JBS Lemon Drops Paint Dabber

Ranger Stickles™ Glitter Glue .5oz Baby Blue

Dear Lizzy 5th & Frolic Fabric Stickers

Hero Arts Light Green Accent Pearls

Hero Arts Midnight Black Accent Pearls

American Crafts Wow! Glitter: Extra Fine: Bubblegum

Until next time..