Easy DIY Vellum Flower Party Lights | Tutorial

vellum-party-lights-11I’ve seen some really pretty vellum flower party lights in Gifts and Craft shops here in Dubai and they’ve always caught my fancy. It is only when I made one myself did I realize how easy it was to put one together.

So let us get on with it.!

To begin with, you need some wire lights. I went for these really thin ones I got from a craft shop. you could use any type.vellum-party-lights-2Apart from that you need some Vellum, a ball tool to make flowers, Crop-a-dile and some glue.  That is it!! Can you believe it?

Start off by cutting out some flowers in four different sizes. I used my Silhouette Cameo. You could use flower punches in 4 different sizes or simply cut using scissors.vellum-party-lights-3Use a ball stylus tool to gently mold and form a cup shape to each petal. If you don’t have one, you can use the rounded back of a paintbrush.vellum-party-lights-4Glue them together. I used the Glossy accent so that it dries clear and it does not see though the vellum when lit up.

Easy DIY flower Party lights using Vellum

Now push the front end of the bulb though the punched hole. In this case, the size of the hole was perfect for bulbs to sit in snugly.vellum-party-lights-6Finish up by covering all the bulbs with the vellum flower.vellum-party-lights-7Voila! You are done! How easy was that?!IMG_0798It looks so pretty even in the daylight that it works as a great home decor accessory.vellum-party-lights-8I urge you to try it out! I am sure you will love it!!

Tell me if you have ever tried one of these yourself. If yes, then I would love it see it. Share it with me on my Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account.

That is all from me today.


– Shruti


Silhouette Cameo

Wire Lights


We are Memory Keeper Crop-a-dile

Ranger Inkessentials – Glossy Accent

Flower making Ball tool


Copics coloring

It is after 7 whole months that I have logged into my blog!

Ashamed? Naah! Missed blogging? Not really! But what I really missed was showcasing my ‘creativity’ to all you friends out here. I love the comments flowing in my comment box. I look forward to when you appreciate my work or even otherwise. I think it just motivates me to get better with time.

So, what has changed in these seven months?

  • Turned 30! YAY!
  • Discovered a pretty decent cook in me. (Watchout this space as I do plan to share some of my own healthy recipes here!)
  • Traveled
  • Bought some Copics!!!!!
  • Made a couple of new friends.

and last but definitely not the least is that I have got into living a healthier lifestyle and kicked out a good 12 kgs out of my body!!!

Yes, I do have a few more to lose to reach my ideal weight but the fact that I’ve lost so much makes me want to jump up with joy! I feel lighter and healthier from within. Life is good!

Unfortunately, what I have not been successful in is getting Nupie (my husband) motivated to join in with me in the weight loss journey. No amount of motivational testimonials, dietitian advises or emotional torture has made him put his foot in the gym. *sigh* Patience is the key..

As far as my arts and craft go, I honestly haven’t been doing much apart from arranging and reorganizing my little craft room.

I had decided that I would craft a WOW comeback project after the time off. But that did not work out either. Anyway, I leave you with a couple of cards I made while experimenting with my copics. I am still very new with Copics so I am open to any sort of criticism or tips and advises.





I have used the Negative space technique here. I really liked how it turned out but I think I still have a lot to learn when it comes to Copic markers.

What do you guys think?




Silhouette Cameo Premium Vinyl : How-To & Product Review

Good Morning!

I am back with a quick review and an easy tutorial on the Silhouette Premium Vinyl from Silhouette.

Silhouette’s Vinyl comes in two different sizes; Premium (9″ x 10″)and Standard (12″x6″).

It comes in 14 different colors, plus chalkboard, frosted glass, gold and silver. Two of the specialty versions, i.e. frosted glass and chalkboard, come in shorter rolls as compared to the other standard colors. These vinyls are manufactured for indoor and outdoor use and is said to be easily removable from most smooth surfaces, which I found to be true while working with it. I must say it turned out to be extremely easy to work with.

So, Pretty Paper Studio sent me some Frosted Glass Vinyl (which comes in only 9″ width and 4 feet long) to try out and I LOVE it!! Trust me, when I tell you this, that you will never need etching creams once you lay your hands on this particular Vinyl roll. It is just a perfect and a non-messy way to fancy up your glass ware. Plus, if you do end up making an error, you can scrape it a bit and peel it off without ruining your glassware.

So, let us just jump on to our tutorial.

Step 1.

Take a glassware that you want to spruce up. I have here, one of my candle holder from a set of three.


Step 2. Select a design you want to dress your glassware with. I chose this quatrefoil lattice background from the Silhouette Online Store.


Step 3: I cut the vinyl at 12″ length to fit my cutting mat.


Note: You can cut your vinyl directly without placing it on the cutting mat but make sure you press ‘Enter Media’ when you feed your vinyl inside the machine.  I chose to use the mat. Also, you can feed the entire 4 feet vinyl directly into your Cameo without chopping down the size if you plan to make a bigger project. All you need to do is adjust the length and width of your page on the software and continue

IMG_83421.jpg1 (1)
Step 4: Adjust your settings on your Silhouette Studio. This quatrefoil design file comes in two sizes; 12×12″ and 11×8″. I chose the latter and adjusted the size furthermore to fit the size of my vinyl.


As soon as you select Vinyl under medium, it will automatically adjust the speed to 8 and thickness to 9. This works perfectly for the vinyl I am using here. Now, hit the CUT button.

Step 5. Unload the mat and you will have something that looks like this.


Step 6: Once you take your Vinyl off the cutting mat, peel off the vinyl that you do not need for your project. I initially wanted only the outline for my project but I later changed and decided to use the shapes instead.

Now, you might need a transfer paper to transfer the image on to your glass but here I just went about individually sticking each shape by hand.



In the end you will have something like this!


I went ahead and did the same for all the three candle stand from the set and this is the final product! Honestly, I can’t imagine how lovely these turned out for my first ever Vinyl project. I am sure I will get better as I work with them more.



 I am loving it!! What do you guys think?

Supplies used:




My beloved, Silhouette Cameo

Good Morning! I am here to share with you some of my handmade cards as well as layouts I made using my beloved Silhouette Cameo plus to share my views and experiences on this amazing product. It’s been over a year since I’ve been using my Silhouette Cameo and, I am going to state right off the bat that, I am absolutely in love with it. Unlike the Cricut, you do not need cartridges for cutting files on Cameo. All you have to do is either buy graphics/fonts from the Silhouette Online Store (which are as cheap as $0.99) or create/upload your own images onto the Silhouette Cameo software, resize the image to your liking and CUT! As simple as that! 🙂 Note: Silhouette online store offers a free downloadable shape every Tuesday, which is today, so make sure you grab them.

(The butterfly as well as the lace background used on the card is cut using my cameo)

(The lace background, chevron pattern, the butterfly as well as the name is cut using my Cameo)

(Flowers used on this project, again, is Cameo cut)

(cutting intricate doilies like the one used on this layout takes barely few minutes)

(lace circle background is Cameo cut)

It might take you some time to get a hang of the software but it is totally worth the time spent! One of the best features of the Cameo is the fact that it cuts a variety of materials apart from paper like cardstock, vinyl, fabric, foil, heat transfer material and so much more. All you need to do is adjust the blade depth and cut. The software does come with pre-set cut settings for all materials that you can cut with the machine but it does not always work. Sometimes you have to figure out your own settings based on trial and error, every time you cut a new material.What I do is I keep a post-it note next to my Cameo and jot down the settings that work best for the paper or card stock of different brands I use.The only con I can think of is the fact that the replacement blades and mats are slightly expensive. But if you use your blade and mat wisely then you can prolong their lifespan. For example, you can extend the usage of your mat by cleaning it regularly with a clean cloth dabbed in warm water and air drying it later. This also helps in removing the tiny paper pieces stuck to the mat. Anyhow, here is a card I made primarily using Silhouette’s Adhesive Cardstock, and I must say this product makes your job so much easy especially when you are working on intricate designs.

I have always faced issues in sticking intricately cut designs or small fonts onto my project which most often than not makes my project messy with glue seeping from everywhere. But, with this adhesive cardstock all I need to do is cut, peel it off the paper and stick it on to my project. On this particular card the background as well as the sentiment was Cameo cut on to Silhouette’s white Adhesive cardstock and stuck. I colored the sentiment using my Mustard Seed Distress Marker.The card shape and background was bought from the Silhouette Online Store. It is one of my favorites. As for the butterfly, that was made using the Silhouette Print and cut feature which is freaking AH-mazing! But we will discuss more on that in another post. That is all from my end for today. I promise to come back soon with more Cameo projects and new ideas. Until then,

Supplies used: