About Me

Hi there! Welcome to Shrootzies! My name is Shruti and I develop art and craft based content for this blog. You can also find some creative ideas and techniques on paper crafting, art, DIY projects and home decor.

I am a media planner by profession and a crafter by passion. I currently live in Dubai with my husband and my darling daughter.

I am a self-taught “artist”. I enjoy both sketching and painting. I just love to dip my bushes into color and forget the world and paint away to glory. Art and craft make me super happy and rejuvenates me! I have been crafting since 2010 and sharing my creations here on my blog since 2011. When it comes to crafting my style is a mix of detailed, cutesy, clean and simple works. I just can’t do without a bit of bling or a butterfly in whatever I create. I simply love color and I love to create pretty things.

Thank you for stopping by to see my crafty adventures and to watch as I try to improve my skills.

I would love to hear from you! You can email me at shruti[at]shrootzies[dot]com