Blogger Awards!

Hola friends..

I am very flattered to receive a few blog awards from my new found dearest friend, Khushboo. 🙂

Khushboo is one of the first few friends I’ve made though the blog world, ever since I began my journey in art and craft. I doubt if anybody really needs her introduction.. cause she is one of the most social and active person in the blogosphere.. atleast amongst the crafters… Always ready to jump in to help you with whatever assistance you need.  She is a real sweetheart and a fantabulous person. 🙂 Its amazing how well we connected in a matter of few weeks!

Here are the awards..

The Versatile Blogger Award

The Versatile Blogger

The Irresistable Sweet Blog Award

A thing of Beauty award

Stinking cute Blog award

Thank you soooo much Mad Woman.. for showering so mucha blog love on me..  I am honored and it really made my day!!

😀 Now it is my responsibility to pass these awards on to other worthy bloggers before which I need to talk about 7 random things about myself.

Okay.. this part was a bit challenging. But I somehow managed to jot down a few things about me. 😉

1)      I can’t dance. I think the last time I danced in front of people was when I was in the fifth grade, for an Annual Day performance. I don’t really know why I gave up dancing after that. , considering I learnt Bharatnatyam for almost 3 years.  I kinda got too conscious and shy after a certain age and just thought I’d only make a big fool outta myself if I ever danced in front of people. 😛

2)      But, I LOVE music! Music just makes me want to jump off my feet and dance.. but it’s a shame that I cant. 😛 I love listening to music almost anytime during the day.. even when am taking a shower. 😛 Music makes me happy and I can’t think of a life without it. It is one of the many things that connected me and Anup before we were married. 😉

(pssttt.. Currently I am listening to The Wild Child by Enya.. 😉 )

Enya – Wild Child

3)      I adore animals. Dogs, puppies, cats, guniea pigs.. almost anything that’s furry and walks on four legs makes me super happy!

4)      I met Anup through his blog. I fell in love with his writing the very first time I bumped into his blog. Needless to say how he swept me off my feet when I actually met him in person. 😉

5)      I am obsessed with a few films. I can watch them over and over again no matter what. Anup finds it annoying but whenever I am bored and have nothing to do I put on one of those movies watch them all over again. 😛 (pstt.. I have Jodha Akbar on my mind today)

6)      I LOVE the ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and ‘How I Met Your Mother’ series. Sheldon and Barney are the BEST!! 🙂 I haven’t admitted this before.. but today I would like to take this opportunity and admit that YES!! I prefer TBBT & HIMYM over FRIENDS.. *hope you are reading this, Anu* 😉

7)      I overindulge in smiley faces.. take a look at any of my post and you’d know.. 😉 Am consciously trying to reduce their usage! 😛 (arghh.. there I go again!)

So, there you go! 7 things you might not know about me.. 🙂

I would like to pass this award to..

1)      E.T. – She makes one the most breathtaking cards I’ve seen till now and I am an ardent fan of her works! It is amazing how with a plain cardstock and a few embellies she makes the best of cards. All her cards are very bright and cheerful. 🙂 And the cherry on top is the way she presents them. Her photography skills are excellent! You have got to check her blog out!

2)      Ujjwal – I call her a perfectionist! She is excellent with her sewing, stamping, embossing..errr..almost anything and everything and makes then look very easy. Each and every card she makes is unique. Her works are an inspiration!! 🙂 You should check her blog her.. am sure you’ll love her! 🙂

3)      Karuna – Yet another awesome friend I made through Khushboo on blog land. Always ready to help you with whatever doubts you have. Yet another perfectionist be with her stamping or embossing skiils.. she just does it right all the time. Her works are as pretty as she is. 🙂 Love her!! 🙂

4)       Tejal – A very knowledgeable person when it comes to crafting. She always has some or the other tip or trick to share in most of her blog to make our life easy. Sometimes when I am out of ideas I just log on to her blog and read to get inspired.  🙂

5)      Romina – She is my new discovery. Thanks to Khushboo, again! 😉 With her around in my life I know I’ll never miss a good blogger! 😀 Rominas works are unique and I love them. When she blogged about her Craft Almirah I was literally drooling over all the craft supplies she has!! Wow! I wished I could rob her entire unit. LOL

6)      Priya – Priya and I started blogging almost the same time, I guess. But I gotta say she is far ahead in the race. She is fantabulous. I look forward to her blogs. She always comes up with something different and exceptional all the time. She is very sweet and down-to-earth a person. Check her out.. you will love her. J

7)      Priya Mohan – omg! She too is my new discovery. No credits for Khushboo this time.. *winks* She is awesome.. I know I use this word a bit too much but I couldn’t think of another word to describe her works. Her style is simple yet her cards are beautiful without trying too much!

8)      Dr. Sonia – Sonia is a true creative mind. She doesn’t limit her ideas only to card making. Be it her kids school project or making something out of nothing she is the best at it. And whats more.. she is sweet enough to take time and patiently explain everything she makes in detail along with photographs! 😀 You are the best, Doc!

9)      Gopi – A lovely crafter who loves pink just as much as I do. *winks* She just recently got engaged and am so happy for her!!! 😀 I wish her all the best in life.. Also do check her blog out.. she recently revamped it and I think it looks gorgeous!

So.. there you go! Grab the awards and pass it on! 😀



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  1. :p, :-), :D, :-*.. These are the ones I use most frequently and now I using this :-/ as often as you do Mad woman… and <3

  2. thnxx a ton dear !!i only miss ur cmmnts on my blog :(d u try again ?? i did make a few changes….

  3. Thank you so much for passing on the award and writing all those goody goody things about me. I feel so honored 😀

    And it was so much fun to know you better. I also went ahead and read a few posts of your husband’s blog. They are so good. No wonder you fell for him 😉 I am a hopeless romantic at heart and love reading about all the sweet love stories. God bless you both!

    BIG hugs 🙂

  4. o.O awards that you get and pass on make me sad 🙁 Don’t you get to keep them?
    An additional not-so-random thing about Shruti – she cooks for my tongue! I wont go so far to say but she competes with my mom for the stuff she cooks. Kudos to that.


  5. Thank you so much Shruti for such kind words! Cant thank you enough.

  6. Thanks girlie for that flurry of awards…thanks..I guess I should post them now..since that mad woman also gave them to me 😀
    And lets say you and I share the love for the same last mini album video has this very song on it…love this song!! wild child!!

    one tip for Anup, never compare your wife and mother, be it any thing…both have their own places..this is coming from someone who is survived 3 yrs of marriage!! Warna dono mein se ek se pitai ho hi jayegi!! 😀 😀

  7. I just stumbled on your blog from somewhere
    loved everything here
    read about you
    Seriouslly speaking .. if barney wudnt have been gay in real life .. i would have married him
    try vampire diaries too .. m too sure you will love it ..
    friends is good … n i love it .. i can watch it all over again and again !

  8. whoops !
    here is my blog
    plz come n visit sometime

  9. Okie.. This is a serious comment.. Thank you so much for your kind words.. but hell I am so nice that you gotta be sweet to me… :P… On a serious note.. I love dancing.. I love music.. Wild child was my ring tone for quite sometime before the memory card got corrupted.. you introduced me to some nice non-crafty blogs including anup’s.. tell him to write more often…I love dogs..and I love HIMYM.. I watch is every night while having dinner ion the PC and am a huge fan of those crime mystery series… :D.. and thank you for teaching me smiley faces… I am having a lot of fun doing it…And girlie.. your as whacko as me so no wondering i like you so much…

  10. Thank you so much for sharing the awards and for your kind words. Loved reading your happy post and it was good to know you better!.

  11. Shruti I guess I am crazy or blogger is crazy– I thought I was following your blog! Landed here from the comment you left on my blog to discover I wasnt even your follower! Yes I get super excited to meet a Mallu in life or in blogland! Such nice things you have written about each person. Yes Indian crafters tend to become a close community as there are so few of us. Where are you located? And all your smiles are adorable- so different and fun and so nice your hubby has even commented on your post!.

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