Copics + life update

As a busy mom, I eagerly await the moments when my little one is in bed, the house is finally quiet and I get to immerse myself in creative pursuits. I agree there are some nights I get so tired by the end of the day that all I want to do is just wear my comfortable PJs, curl up and drift off to dreamland.

Over the past few months it has been quite a challenge to find the time and the mojo to make art. Eventhough mommy duties can be a bit overwhelming at times, art and craft is something that feeds my soul, so I have to and want to keep doing it.

I do try to steal few hours in the day to do what I love but my darling little daughter always manages to either grab hold of my color pencils or brushes to play with and at times ruin my work.


So, the story behind this disaster goes like this. I hand over my over enthusiastic toddler to her dad to finish up some kitchen chores and this is what I came back to. My heart just stopped beating for several seconds when I saw these in her hands. I had actually spent quite a lot of my precious time doodling those intricate flower details on to those water colored cards. *sigh*

Lessons learnt:- 1) Nothing.. absolutely no table or any platform in the house is too high for my toddler’s tiny hands anymore 2) Fathers make the worst baby-sitters. Hmph!

Anyway, without discussing anymore on it let us just get on to this pretty little card I finished just last night. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I have been trying to better my Copic skills. So here goes..


The image stamped here is by Wimpsy Stamps – Dandelion Girl rubber stamp.



The yellow blooms used in the backgound are my favorite ones from Prima Flowers.

I think my fingers are slowly getting the hang of Copics. What do you guys think?

With love,



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  1. Superb Colouring!! And loved the way you created the background. Looks like Krisha’s following your footsteps :). Preserve those cards..after all it’s her first masterpiece :D..Btw…the Doodling is awesome too!

    • Thank you so much, Piyu!! 🙂 Yes yes.. I have preserved them.. After all she HAS to know what all I had to put up with when she was young. 😉

  2. Firstly, you know she loves me, don’t you? So the lousy baby-sitter part has been proven wrong one too many times by our little one itself. Secondly; she was about to do a LOT more than just doodle on it. I was the one who saw it and grabbed it from her hand recognizing that it wasn’t just another piece of paper. You carelessly left it on the dining table forgetting that she can reach its edges now. So – please do not mislead them nice readers.


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