A red tree

This is a painting I have been working for a while now. It may look simple.. but creating this was a bit challenging for me.. especially since I have not really tried acrylic painting before.. for that matter any sorta painting in the past 10 years maybe. The last I touched a brush and paint was back during my school days. *sigh* I always wanted to learn to paint but never got the time to. So here is my first attempt.

Before I share this with you I want you guys to know that I do not want to take any credit for the idea behind this painting. It was inspired a painting by the artist, Tim Gangon. I have been following his works for a while now. I love his lovely mystical forest paintings and am an ardent fan of his works. Do check him out if any of you guys are interested in paintings as I am.



I know its no where close to te original creation but I hope you guys like my version of it.



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  1. Shruti it doesnt look simple at all! I love painting too– dabbled in watercolors and of course glass paitning- have not yet had the courage to try acrylic or oil. How many days did you take to do this… also do frame it it looks lovely

  2. This is anything but simple…The shades of reds and deep red, the foggy forest..its just beautiful…I have always wanted to learn..never got around it..maybe once I jump into Jennifer mcguire’s class i will learn!!!

  3. Thanks Doc.. It took me over a month!! LOL.. thats only because I was very lazy to complete it.. Everytime I had time in had I’d rather make a card or do some crafting work and keep procrastinating my it!

    Thank you Tejal. I too wanna learn.. I was thinking of joining an art school here in Hbad.. but never got around to do it. 🙂

  4. You are too good! This is really stunning!!

  5. Oh my God!.. Is this your FIRST attempt??.. Its just beautiful!.. LOVE it! 😀

  6. i am speechless 🙂 awesome work

  7. oh my goodnesssss!!!! So beautiful! This is a LOT of work! AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!

  8. Ohh this is soooo beautiful…im feeling inspired…now that u have declared that u haven’t done it long too !

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